What data is stored?

1# Axix stores your User ID, server id when an error is occurred while using the chatbot/commands
2# Your servers data is stored for settings (prefix, channel)- guild data, role assing data
3# We also log your guild data (member_count, guild_name, owner_name) when you add/kick/ban our bot

Why we store the data and how we use it.

The data is stored in order to provide you with to provide you with the best service from Axix bot that is possible.

Who has access to this data?

All of these data is only available to the axix staff and Devloper team

How to request deletion of your data

If you would like to delete of your data, you can kick the bot from the server you intend to delete data of

3rd-Party data sharing

Axix Shares data with: Statcord
Statcord collects personally identifiable information such as User IDs as well as usage data. You can view their privacy policy here.


If you would like to contact us, we recommend you join our Support Server

Note: We reserve the right to change this without notifying our users.
This document was last updated on may 5th, 2021